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President—Molly O’Brien

Hi everyone! I’m Molly, a third-year Economist, and I am your TCSU President for 2018/2019. Having been the TCSU Ents Officer for the past year, I know how it works and will use this to improve student life at Trinity as much as possible.

As President, I will manage my Committee and ensure they do what they have promised to all of you whilst abiding by the Constitution. I will also act as a student representative of all Trinity Undergraduates at both a College and a university-wide level.

TCSU aims to:

  • Advance education and promote general welfare of its members
  • Encourage and incentivise societies, sports and social activities
  • Act as a communication method between its members and Fellows/staff of Trinity and the university in general
  • Ensure its members are not discriminated against on any grounds

I will push for all these to be compulsory whilst also working on current aims such as: more student spaces, regular maintenance on current student spaces, working closer with societies and charities, and more interaction with the general student body, so we can push for the changes that you all want to see.

If anyone has any questions about TCSU, or any ideas of something we could be doing to improve student life, please feel free to drop me an email.


Vice-President—Becky Shepherdson

Hello! My name is Becky and I’m a third-year Geographer. As your Vice-President, I will work with the President to run the Committee to build on last year’s work and make TCSU work the best it can for everyone in College. I will serve as Molly’s deputy, and represent Trinity at CUSU Council. I also will be organising the Open Meetings and Liaison meetings with staff, so if you have any suggestions or queries about the transparency of the Committee, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Treasurer—Emily Song

Hi everyone! I’m Emily, a second-year Economist here at Trinity, and your TCSU Treasurer for 2018/2019. Over the next year, I will be looking after TCSU’s accounts to ensure our finances are in order. I’ll also be working closely with the rest of the Committee and with other members of College staff to make sure that we allocate our funds in the best way possible to improve College life for everyone across Trinity—in terms of both the practical side and the fun side!

If you have any ideas of things you think deserve funding, or any other questions, then feel free to drop me an email!


Female Welfare Officer—Ruth Warner

Hi I’m Ruth, I’m a third-year MMLer doing French and Spanish and I am your Female Welfare Officer for 2018/2019! Cambridge can be a very stressful environment, but here at Trinity there are so many resources to help you make your experience as enriching as possible. So, if you would like a confidential person to talk to about any problems, any sanitary products, or sexual health supplies, I’m your gal! Please send me an email at to set up a meeting or come to the Welfare Room (New Court E2) during one of our Drop-In Tea Parties. I’ll be working closely with the Frankie and the other Welfare Officers to organise events and represent your needs in College: we’d love for you to get in contact with any of us if you have any ideas or requests!

For more info see:


Male Welfare Officer—Frankie Postles

Hello, I’m Frankie, a third-year music student here at Trinity. I will be working closely with Ruth (Female Welfare Officer) in order to make sure that everyone at Trinity feels as happy and supported as possible, in what can be quite a hectic College.

Having a chat at any possible moment in the day has been identified as one as my strengths, as well as a possible flaw! No matter who you are and what you want to talk about, I will always be here to have a confidential conversation. Another part of my role as Male Welfare Officer is providing free sexual health supplies on a confidential, anonymous basis: just drop me an email or message on the TCSU page. Please feel free to say hi whenever you see me around College—I’ll be saying hi to you!

For more info see:


Overseas Welfare Officer—Areeg Emarah

Hey Trinity! I am Areeg, a second-year engineer. I am an Egyptian but I have spent my entire life in Kenya. They are both home. I am happy to say I’ll be your Overseas Welfare Officer for the year.

Being an international student is a challenging but formative experience. Moving to a new country with a different culture, weather, and food requires one to adapt quickly, and this can be especially challenging for those facing language barriers. As someone who went through the process, I hope to ensure the smooth moving and settling in of new students, and ensure that your general welfare is taken care of.

Apart from working with the rest of TCSU to make your life here easier, I will be organizing International Freshers’ Week with iTCSU. This should be a fun week before we are joined by home students for Freshers’ Week, where you will get to meet other International Freshers and get familiar with Cambridge. We will also provide you with key information, such as where Sainsbury’s is or how to register with your GP and get a phone number.

Over the year, I plan to organize many events for international students such as swaps and movie nights. I also plan to introduce an ‘International Week’ where several events will be held to appreciate cultures from all over the world. It will be a fantastic year!

I will be here for anyone who needs a listening ear. Whether you’re nursing homesickness or feel like talking about school in general, I’ll be available either over Facebook or through email. I look forward to meeting all of you!


Computing and Publicity Officer—Kerem Ergene

Hey everyone! I’m Kerem, a third-year Mathmo, and I’ll be your Computing and Publicity Officer for 2018/2019. Over the next year, I’ll be maintaining and enhancing the website by reintroducing features such as the Societies’ Calendar. On the publicity side of things, I’m planning on sending out a weekly Societies’ Bulletin, with details of various society news and events. In addition to this, I’m currently looking into the possibility of introducing a student-run, non-comedy newspaper, which would be used to publicise student writing and photography.

If you do have anything that you’d like to be publicised to the student body, let me know, and (if the material is appropriate) I can include it in my bulletin. Likewise, if you notice anything wrong with the website, or have any suggestions for modifications or additions that can be made, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Access Officer—Lara Jenkin

Hiya! I’m Lara and I’m a second-year History and Politics student. As your Access Officer, I help to widen participation, working towards ensuring that no one who is bright and curious is put off from applying to Trinity because of who they are or where they come from.

This year I’m aiming to increase Trinity’s online presence, so we can reach further afield to combat the myths which often discourage talented students from applying to Cambridge. I’ll also be working closely with the Schools’ Liaison Office to arrange events and residentials.

Access is an area of College life which any Trinity student can get involved with. Drop me a line anytime; I’d love to hear your ideas!


Junior Steward—Naemi Melvin

Hello everyone! I’m Naemi and I’m a third-year classicist. I’m really looking forward to being your Junior Steward for 2018/2019.

The first part of my role involves all things food-related. I would like us to have more of a say regarding the menus for both Formal and normal Hall, so if you have any favourite meals or comments/suggestions about food you’ve recently eaten, please let me know. You can get in touch via email or by using the suggestions box in Hall (on the table on your left as you enter). I also hope to host a meeting once a term to discuss your views in person.

The other part of the role involves organising the societies here at Trinity. If you want to set up a new society, or have queries about running one, including funding, then I can talk you through all the relevant steps. I’ll also be organising Chaplain’s Squash for all Freshers next Michaelmas, so that you can speak to members from all the societies and join your favourites! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.


Entertainments Officer—Amelia Hutchinson 

Hello! I’m Amelia, a second-year History student. I will be the Ents Officer for 2018/2019, and am very excited about my new role, which involves organising and planning various well-deserved events for the student body. Building upon the work of previous Officers, I’ll continue the queue jump system for Cambridge’s largest nights out, looking to potentially bring back Friday queue jumps. I am also very keen to look into having more inter-College and themed events.

If you have any suggestions, worries or queries, please feel free to get in contact with me via email or Facebook.


Environmental and Domestic Officer—Cameron Osborne

Hi everyone! I’m Cameron, an MML student, and your Environmental and Domestic Officer for the next year. I’m responsible for promoting environmentally sustainable behaviour around College, as well as representing your accommodation needs. This year, I’d love to create a green community to help bring people together on environmental issues, whilst cooperating with university campaigns and other Environmental Officers to ensure innovative plans. Spreading an environmentally friendly message and continuing the work of previous Officers in working with College staff to achieve change are also key aims.

Ideas? Requests? Complaints? Send me an email or message me on Facebook if you have anything you’d like to ask or tell me!


Mental Health and Disabled Students’ Welfare Officer—Hamish Trowell

Hi everyone! My name is Hamish and I’m a third-year Natsci. As the Mental Health and Disabled Students’ Welfare Officer, I’m here to help find support within Trinity and the university for all members of Ccollege who are experiencing difficulties related to their mental health or disability. I’m also available for anyone who just needs a welfare chat and a cup of tea.

Cambridge is a tough place and with so much going on it can often feel overwhelming. I believe it’s important that everyone knows they can talk to someone if they are feeling stressed or having a bad day. I aim to help increase support for students with disabilities, students who have difficulties with their mental health, and students going through the intermission process. I want to create a space where you feel safe and can talk freely and confidentially about anything that’s on your mind.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email, approach me in person, or message me on Facebook.


BME Officer—Kiran Singh Jolly 

Hey everyone! I’m Kiran, a second-year Engineer, and I’m your Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer.  I’ll support any students who identify as an ethnic minority and am always here to provide welfare, as well as campaigning for racial diversity and equality across Trinity, and ensuring no one feels discriminated against because of their religion, ethnicity, or cultural background.

If you need a chat, advice, or have any suggestions, I’d be more than happy to talk, so—BME or not—please do get in touch!


LGBT+ Officer—Anna Dimitriadis 

Hi! I’m Anna, a second-year studying Law, and I’m your LGBT+ Officer for this year.

I want all self-identifying LGBT+ students at Trinity to feel that their presence is not only acknowledged and validated, but also celebrated. I am aware that not all LGBT+ members of the College can be ‘out’ back home, and it’s so important to me that College is a place where they feel safe and comfortable being themselves.

This year, I look forward to organising several events on behalf of our LGBT+ society, 1TQ, and working closely with the Cambridge University Students’ Union LGBT+ campaign to improve LGBT+ visibility at Trinity.

Finally, I’m always here for a chat. I will take immediate action against any form of homophobia or transphobia when it is reported to me, and promise to be available as a source of support for anyone struggling with their sexuality or gender identity. Just drop me an email or Facebook message—I’ll keep everything confidential! I look forward to meeting you all.


Women’s Officer—Anna Cardoso 

Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I am your Women’s Officer. I’m part of the welfare team, here to support and protect the women and non-binary people of Trinity. I’m committed to making Trinity as welcoming and open a place to women and non-binary people as possible.

If you ever experience any gender-based discrimination or sexual harassment, intimidation, or assault I’m the intermediary between the student body and College to help you as much as possible. I am also here if you just need to talk! I also organize events for women around College and collaborate with Trinity Feminism Society and Trinity Women’s Network.

I also have pregnancy tests and contraception, so just hit me up if you are in need. Hope to see you around College!