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President—Serena Cole

Hey, I’m Serena, a 2nd year Medic and your TCSU president 21-22. My role is to represent you at the university level, with CUSU and within College. I will work with College and the rest of the committee in order to achieve this. As you will see below, we have a great team of people, who are bringing ideas and are excited for what is to come. 

I want to look out for you and make sure that your college experience is the best that it can be. I hope to continue and complete TCSU projects that aim to improve facilities and welfare. If you have any concerns or problems, please reach out. Most importantly I would like to support you. Feel free to contact me by email or facebook!

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Vice-President—Menan Loganathan

Hey, I’m Menan, a second year medical student and your 2021/2022 Vice President. I will do my best to support Serena and the rest of the committee in carrying out their roles, representing Trinity students to the best of their abilities and implementing their ideas. I also want to help keep TCSU and Trinity accountable and transparent in their actions. My role involves organising Liaison meetings with College staff and TCSU Open meetings with students. If you have ideas for how to make college better or want someone to discuss college issues with, send me an email! I will also circulate a Google form for student feedback if you’d prefer to contact me in that way. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to get into touch via email, through the TCSU website, or the TCSU Facebook or Instagram pages.

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Treasurer—Beatrice Codd

Hey, I’m Beatrice, a second year Land Economy student and your Treasurer this year! I’m here to ensure the sensible spending of the TCSU budget to make sure it benefits everyone at Trinity. I’ll be maintaining and negotiating discounts for Trinitarians at businesses around Cambridge (keep an eye out!), and I’m also looking forward to working with the rest of the team to organise events and enhance student life at Trinity, so please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions!

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Computing and Publicity Officer—Hector Hawkins

Hey all, I’m Hector, a first year NatSci student and your TCSU Computing and Publicity Officer. Over the next year I’ll be working with the IT office to improve the WiFi in college, keep the TCSU website ticking over, and to keep you all abreast of what’s going on in the college. Publicity wise, I’ll be running TCSU’s social media along with the other members of the TCSU, and taking photos at TCSU events. I’ll also be sending out a weekly bulletin with events taking place at Trinity in the near future.

If you’d like to have anything publicised to the student body, ping me an email and I’ll try to get it sent out in the bulletin. Additionally, if you notice anything awry with the website, or have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Junior Steward—Michelle Acheampong

Hi all! I’m Michelle, a first year Land Economy student and I’m excited to be your Junior Steward this year. I aim to diversify the food available in the canteen, bar and at formals, making it more nutritious and delicious! I’ll be meeting with the catering team termly so please fill out surveys so I can accurately and enthusiastically represent your views.

 Introducing more themed formals and improving the sustainability of the canteen is also on the agenda. Additionally, I am in charge of overseeing Trinity’s societies; if you want to start a new society or need to apply for extra funding let me know and I’ll guide you through the process. 

If you have any more suggestions please feel free to email me anytime! 

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Entertainments Officer—Jeevan Shemar 

Hello, I’m Jeevan! I’m a second year law student and I’ll be continuing in the position of TCSU Entertainments Officer over the upcoming year. Essentially, I’m aiming to increase the number and diversity of events on offer (from BOPs to movie screenings to game nights) in order to ensure that Trinity’s social life is as acclaimed as its academic reputation. As part of TCSU, I also aim to represent you and to champion your broader interests so that Trinity is the place that you want it to be.Get in contact if you have any ideas or queries — I’m here to be your Ents Officer!

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Access Officer—Eve Simpson

Hey I’m Eve, a second year law student and the Access Officer for TCSU this year! I am here to widen access and participation by encouraging students from non-privileged backgrounds to apply to Trinity and creating a welcoming, safe and supportive environment once they are here.  Working alongside the access fellows and ambassadors, I aim to increase the number of helpful resources that can be accessed remotely, hold more social events and continue with open days and residentials where possible the central goal is to demonstrate that Trinity College is a place for people of all backgrounds. If you have any questions or just want to chat, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

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Environmental and Domestic Officer—Elianna Proud

Hello! I’m Elianna, a first year History and Politics student. I hope to help the college – and the wonderful people who are a part of it – to improve their sustainability and reduce their carbon emissions. I’ll be running events, talks and discussions about all things environmental, as well as working to help make Trinity greener!

If you spot something that you think the college could improve on, or have any suggestions about how we can reduce waste or carbon emissions here at Trinity, then please do send me a message.

Similarly, if you have any questions or feedback regarding domestic issues, I can help put you in touch with the right staff in college. You can contact me via email – I’d love to hear from you and help where I can.

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Male Welfare Officer—James Critchley

Hello, I’m James, a first year English student, and your male welfare officer for this year! My role mainly involves: arranging regular welfare events; providing contraception and sexual health resources; and working with the other members of the TCSU to make sure that every student feels well-supported during their time at Trinity. Beyond this, should you have any other issues at all (no matter how big or small they might seem): I am always here to listen, to talk, and to assist in whichever ways I can.

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Female Welfare Officer—Kapri Belentepe

Hello! My name is Kapri, I am a first year History student and your Female Welfare Officer for 2021/2022. James and I work together to ensure that everyone at Trinity is having a good time and feels comfortable and supported! The welfare roles are not gender specific, so do not hesitate to email or contact either of us if you have any issues. No concern, no matter how small, should go unheard and we are both always up for a friendly chat, to talk things through or offer an ear. There is welfare support information at which shows the different channels of support available.

We have lots of ideas in the planning to improve access to welfare both remotely and in college, so keep your eyes peeled for them via our emails, Facebook and Instagram pages! We want to continue the welfare teas, distribution of free sanitary and contraceptive products and week five chocolates. There is an anonymous contact form available on the TCSU website, where you can raise an issue or request these products anonymously to be delivered in the welfare pidge (it’s helpful to provide a symbol or word for the envelope). The link is 

Please contact either of us with any ideas or requests. We are always open to suggestions, and we want to help however we can. Give us a wave in college or virtually!


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BME Officer—Ayesha Khan

Hey everyone! I’m Ayesha, this year’s BME officer. I’m basically in charge of the welfare of BME students, so that’s my top priority. As well as that though, this year I’m hoping to set up Trinity’s BME society (celebrating cultures from around the world, but welcome to all!), help get more BME students applying to Trinity, and help start the careers of current students through mentoring programmes with employers etc. Hopefully lots of exciting stuff going on! Most importantly though, I’m looking forward to setting up next year’s BME formal, and hopefully find a covid-safe alternative to replace this year’s! 🙂

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LGBT+ Officer—Tayla Hardy

Hi! I’m Tayla, my pronouns are she/her and I’m a first year PBS student and your LGBT+ officer this year! I am here to provide support for every self-identifying LGBT+ student in Trinity and generally promote a welcoming, supportive environment for us all. Over the coming year, I aim to host plenty of events for us to come together (hopefully in person as soon as it is safe) as well as places for anyone to learn more about us as a community, our history and the issues we face.

Feel free to email me or drop me a message on facebook at any time if you have any suggestions for events, any questions or concerns (no matter how big or small) or just generally want a chat 🙂

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Mental Health and Disabled Students Welfare Officer—Isabel Siggers

Hi everyone! I’m Isabel, a second year natural sciences student and your Mental Health and Disabled Students Welfare Officer for this next year. I am here to provide guidance in accessing college and university support for a range of disabilities, as well to support the general mental welfare of Trinity students. In this next year I will continue the work to provide easily accessible counselling within college, and push for greater awareness of student mental health from the college administration. I also hope to run workshops and events for promoting good mental health, with the goal of encouraging students to speak freely about the struggles they face.
If you have any suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. Even if all you need is a listening ear, I am more than happy to provide!

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Overseas Welfare Officer—Máté Feher

Hi! I’m Máté, a second year medic, and I’m lucky enough to be your Overseas Welfare Officer for this year! With around 40% of Trinity students hailing from outside of the UK, it is absolutely vital that the international student body’s concerns be represented. I know that with a community as multicultural as ours, we will have no problems organizing a variety of great events in the coming year! I will do my utmost to keep overseas students informed of any new developments regarding our eventual return to Cambridge, and if any of you have any worries you’d like to talk about, or just fancy a chat, you can always reach me at or on Facebook!

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Women’s Officer—Yi Wen Lee

Hi everyone! I’m Yi Wen, a second year lawyer from Malaysia and your Women’s Officer for 2021-22. My role involves providing pastoral support to all women and campaigning against gender discrimination in Trinity. I am excited to help create a more welcoming community through social events and by providing drop-in sessions. Online events include speed-friending sessions and Movie Nights. When we are back in Trinity, I am especially keen to bring back Women’s Welfare Teas and Women’s Formals. In addition, I hope to expand the support TCSU can offer women through self-defence classes and bystander intervention training. I will also continue to provide sanitary products, increase the information available to students regarding alternative forms of birth control and work with Trinity FemSoc on the Sexual Assault Campaign. If you ever have any concerns or just want to have a chat, feel free to drop me an email or message me on Facebook!

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