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Hi all,

I’m Toby, a 3rd year Physicist. I joined TCSU in my first year as the Male Welfare Officer. Now, as TCSU President, I take ultimate responsibility for everything the committee does. I also represent Trinity’s Undergraduates at the college and university levels.

Currently, TCSU is focussed on the following:

  • Increasing the amount and quality of student common spaces, including more space for sociable working and renovating the JCR.
  • Securing sufficient storage space within college for the students and societies of Trinity.
  • Gathering data on the financial implications of being Trinity students, and applying this with the aim of reducing the College Bill.

In addition, our ongoing Constitutional Aims are:

  • To advance the education of its members
  • To promote the general welfare of its members
  • To encourage student societies, sports and social activities
  • To act as a channel of communication between its members and the fellows of Trinity College and other bodies
  • To ensure that its members are not discriminated against on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, social background, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or other irrelevant ground

If you’ve got any questions or concerns about what TCSU does, if there’s something you think TCSU should be doing, or if you’d like a TCSU representative to be present at a meeting, please drop me an email.


Vice President

Hi everyone,

I’m Dante, a second year economist and your Vice President for 2017/2018. As VP, I will serve as Toby’s deputy, represent Trinity at CUSU Councils and organize Liaison meetings with Fellows and Open meetings with all TCSU members. I will also help to run TCSU+.

If you have any questions or concerns about how TCSU works as a committee or about transparency in what we do, please do get in touch!





Hello everyone!

I am Joanna, a second year Economist and Treasurer of the TCSU 2017/2018. I feel extremely honoured to be TCSU’s Treasurer and I am grateful for being given the opportunity to give back to our wonderful and welcoming community.

As Treasurer, I look forward to managing the TCSU bank account and allocating funds in order to enhance the welfare our fellow Trinitarians. This year, I hope to work closely with the Ents Officer, ensuring that we spend our money as efficiently as possible so that we are able to provide more social events and bops both within and outside college and with other colleges.

If you would like to know more about my role, or have any suggestions as to how to improve the TCSU or allocate our funds in order to enhance the welfare of our fellow Trinitarians, feel free to send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you..


Female Welfare

Hi everyone!

My name is Becky and I’m a second-year geographer here at Trinity. I will be working together with Kieran (Male Welfare) to make everyone feel supported and cared for here at Trinity.

I’m really friendly (promise!) and am here to talk to about anything at all: stress, sex, homesickness, friends – anything at all, you always have somewhere to turn to! Message me anytime on Facebook or through the contact form on the TCSU website and I’ll be there, normally within an hour.

Kieran and I also have a HUGE stockpile of sexual health supplies and feminine hygiene products, all free for everyone in college. Just drop either one of us a line, through Facebook or anonymously on the TCSU website and we’ll pop it in yours or the Welfare pigeonhole to be picked up.

For more info see:


Male Welfare

Hi Trinity, as Male Welfare Officer I’ll be working with Becky to make sure that you are as happy as possible during your time at Trinity.
I love talking to people, whoever you are and whatever you want to talk about. I’m contactable 24/7 by email and normally reply within an hour. I’m happy to arrange to meet you wherever if you’d like a chat. Another part of my role is providing this college with sexual health supplies. I provide a confidential and/or anonymous service for getting these goods into your hands as soon as possible.
Say hi if you see me around!

For more info see:



Overseas Welfare

Hey guys!

I’m Martin, a 2nd year economist from New Zealand whose parents are from Shanghai.

Coming to a new country with a different culture, weather, food, and possibly different language can be quite hard. As overseas welfare officer, I’m here to make this transition as smooth as possible, and look after all the international students during their time here at Trinity.

I’ll be organising International Freshers’ week (which takes place before actual Freshers’ week), which will be a great chance for you to settle in, meet other international freshers, and get a fantastic first taste of the Cambridge life! The iTCSU will provide you with arrival information so you’ll know exactly what you need to set up when you come here, including bank accounts, phone numbers, and GPs.

I’m also in charge of running events showcasing the cultural and ethnic diversity we have at Trinity, and sorting out accommodation and storage details during holidays. I’m looking to hold film and food nights, languages classes, and international festival celebrations.

I’ll always be up for a chat – about anything ranging from homesickness to trying to translate British slang. Just send me an email or message me on Facebook! I’m here to help.


Computing & Publicity

Hey Trinity!

I’m Farzana, a third year engineer and your Computing and Publicity Officer for 2017/2018.

My main role is to publicise events happening at Trinity as well as to share important information from TCSU. I aim to increase the social media presence of TCSU to show off the fun side of Trin! I also work with the Trinity Computing Office to resolve any computing-related issues and keep the TCSU website up to date.

If you have any suggestions or would like publicity for one of your society’s events, please get in touch via Facebook or email. Publicity options include emails, posters, Facebook events and an update on the blackboard near the servery.


Access and Admissions


I’m Seb, a third year mathematician and your access officer for 2027/18.

Access is about ensuring that the best candidates can come to Cambridge or Oxford, regardless of background. A lot of schools, parents and indeed, students, have gaps in their understanding of the application process, with spatterings of misinformation that create artificial barriers to higher education. My school was not unusual in this sense, so running for Access Officer was a natural step for me when I got here, and I have since joined in with the incredible work being done to break down these barriers.

Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions, and check out the Prospective Students section of our website, and also the Access Page below:


Junior Steward

Hi Trinity,

My name is Hadi and I am a second year Mathmo and your Junior Steward for 2017/2018. I am responsible for liaison with the catering department and student voice on all matters related to food. If you have any complaints or suggestions about your daily meals do contact me and I am sure that we can work it out together. I can also propose menu changes so if there is something that you really like to eat but Trinity doesn’t cook it (yet) you can tell me and I will try to get it on the menu. Alternatively, there is a suggestions box in hall that you can always use.

I am also responsible for all the registered societies in Trinity, so if you wish to create a new one or apply for more funding for an existing society I will be at hand to help you with it.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns about anything. You can contact me using the e-mail given above or through my pigeonhole in Great Court Mail room.



Hey everyone!!

I’m Molly, a second year economist and I’m your ents officer for the next year. I will be helping to organise student based entertainment inside and outside of college to give us all some well-deserved breaks from work. I will be continuing with queue jumps for the main nights out in Cambridge and hoping to bring back a Trin garden party as well as many more events throughout the year.

If you have any suggestions for ents or any queries, feel free to give me a message on Facebook or email me.






I’m Mia, a second year theologian, plant eater and tree hugger! I’ll be your Environmental and Domestic Officer for the year and my job is to minimise Trinity’s environmental impact, raise awareness and make sure you’re happy with your accommodation.

Feel free to get in touch with me about any environmental or domestic matters.




Mental Health and Disabilities

I’m the college’s Mental Health & Disabilities Officer. That means I’m here to provide support, advice and information for all members of college who are experiencing mental health difficulties, have a disability of some kind or more generally just need a welfare chat.

Cambridge is a tough place at the best of times. I think it’s crucial that we do everything we can to make that “bumpy ride” as smooth as possible for every member of college. That means engaging in a dialogue with students to see where improvements are needed, and with College to see if we can make those improvements happen – more support for students with disabilities, for students going through the intermission process and for college mental health more generally. I also want to create a safe, confidential and hopefully tidy space in which you can talk through anything that’s on your mind.

So when I say that I am available 24/7, I really do mean it. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email, approach me in person or message me on Facebook.


BME Welfare 


I’m Zahra and I’m a second year MMLer. I’m your Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer. This means that I’m here to provide welfare and support to all students from minority ethnic backgrounds. I’m also involved in campaigning for your needs, as well as raising awareness of race relations at the university.

I’m always happy to chat so don’t think twice about getting in touch.






LGBT+ Welfare 


I’m Lillian, a 2nd year historian and your LGBT+ Officer for 2017/2018. As your LGBT+ Officer, I am responsible for all self-identifying LGBT+ people in College. It is essential that members of the community have a happy and safe time here, which I aim to ensure through events and campaigns, as well as offering welfare support for anyone who needs it.

This year I will be playing a role in the creation of the consent workshops in Freshers’ Week to ensure they are not heteronormative or transphobic. I also hope to organise a selection of events in association with the College’s LGBT+ Society, 1TQ. Throughout the year, I will relay any information of university wide events via email.

I’m always available to chat to anyone, regardless of self-identification. I have welfare drop-in sessions in my room once a week (just send me an email), as well as being contactable via email for other matters, or through the LGBT+ Officer pidge. Anything spoken to me will be in confidence and we can work together to take appropriate action.


Women’s Officer 

I’m this college’s women’s officer, here to provide support and welfare for all non-binary and self-identifying female students of this college.

Creating an environment in which all students regardless of gender identification, feel comfortable and able to thrive in is of the utmost importance to me. I plan to work alongside the Trinity Feminism Society to encourage and promote fortnightly discussions regarding central gender-and-equality-based issues that students face in college and around university. We are also in the process of reviewing and assessing the University’s sexual assault policies, and are attempting to establish and promote female mentorship, by working alongside the Trinity Women’s Network.

I am always here for you, so if you ever feel like reaching out – please do not hesitate to contact me via email, or approach me in person.