Hi to all Freshers out there!

Welcome to Trinity! You’ll soon find out that it is an amazing place to live and study. We’re sure you can’t wait to find out what it is like by yourself, so each year we produce a Freshers’ Guide to help you settle in and make sure you get done all the tedious stuff more easily. The most recent of these you find here below.

Download this PDF here!

Due to technical constraints the format of the download version may vary slightly from the original.

International Freshers’ Guide

Settling into Trinity College as an overseas student comes with a number of unique challenges. To make settling-in process run as smooth as possible for all overseas students the international wing of TCSU (iTCSU) also publishes a Freshers’ Guide each year, the most recent version of which can be viewed and downloaded below.

Download this PDF here!

Enjoy your time as a Fresher! Trin Love.