The Women's Officer

The Women’s Officer is here to provide support and action regarding equality and discrimination, specifically based on gender. The Women’s Officer’s role acts to deliver fairness and equality to all people in college, especially those who identify as women, as such people are more likely to experience discrimination in comparison to others. The Women’s Officer’s role is not exclusive however, so if anybody feels they are affected negatively because of their gender the Women’s Officer can be here to listen, to take action, and to change the issue.

Complaints Procedure

The Women's Officer will aim to resolve any issue that is reported, either by an informal chat to air any problems that you want to be kept confidential, or by organising formal meetings with the appropriate senior staff at Trinity. Your welfare is the most important aspect, and so the Women's Officer will never push you into anything you do not feel comfortable with, but they will encourage you to speak out against anything you do not think is appropriate and is discriminatory.

Workshops, etc.

The Women's Officer organises sexual consent workshops, contributes to Trinity’s Sexual Assault Policy and puts on self-defence classes for free and available to all.

Meet the current Women's Officer

For more info on the current Women's Officer's profile and plans for the year check out this page, introducing you to this year's welfare sub-committee

Important Information and Links

Trinity's Sexual Harassment Policy - This website is a really useful route to finding support if you have been assaulted or discriminated against. - The Cambridge University Students' Union's (CUSU's) Women's Campain.

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