Getting Help

Welcome to our TCSU Online Welfare Support Centre! This is your one-stop shop for information regarding the support that is available both in College and in the wider Cambridge community for a diverse range of issues.

For more detailed information on the support available to you, visit the MyTrin Student Health & Welfare page.

TCSU Support

Don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Welfare Team here.

Drop-in sessions

The individual members of the welfare team also hold drop-in hours regularly. They’re so you can drop by for a chat, a cup of tea and a biscuit, and talk about anything that may be on your mind. We are always here to offer a gentle, supportive and non-judgmental ear. This ranges from issues such as just feeling lonely or homesick to depression or anxiety to issues at home or with friends: we want to help you any way we can.


Do you have a problem that you would like to talk about, but you’d like to stay anonymous? No problem. Just use the contact forms provided at each of the different welfare pages. Just make sure you inform the welfare officer you contact of some way to get in touch if you’d like a follow-up.

Trinity College Support

Your Tutor

Your Tutor takes an interest in your well-being and progress and can offer help and advice on any matter: academic, social, financial, medical or personal. Your discussion will remain confidential if you so wish. You must see your Tutor at the beginning and end of each term, though he or she will also be happy to meet you at any other point. It is important that you get to know each other so that you have a good basis to work together to deal with any issues that may arise.

A Tutor’s key roles include:

  • Advising on academic issues, work/life balance etc.
  • Offering support if you face personal difficulties, such as homesickness, bereavement or relationship trouble.
  • Supporting you in extracurricular activities and advising on applications for travel grants and funds.
  • Supporting you in applications for maintenance bursaries and other funding and advising on financial problems.
  • Representing your interests if you get into trouble with the College, University, or Police.
  • Supporting you (and if necessary liaising with your Director of Studies or the Board of Examinations) should you be taken ill.
  • Offering advice if you are considering changing subjects.

Although your personal Tutor will deal sensitively with any issue, if you would prefer to discuss a particular matter with any other Tutor, you are welcome to contact them. You’ll find the full list and contact details here.

The Senior Tutor
The Senior Tutor looks after the day-to-day running of Trinity, deals with academic, tutorial, social and medical problems and organises the teaching and Tutorial systems. If you have any problems that your Director of Studies or Tutor can’t help you with, go to the Senior Tutor, who is very approachable!

College Nurse

The Health Centre is located at B Nevile’s Court. A part time nurse is available to discuss, in confidence, any issues related to physical health. Drop-in sessions are as follows:

Monday: 09.15–12.15
Wednesday: 13.00–17.00
Friday: 09.15–12.15

Tel: 01223 338471 (during surgery hours)

Mental Health and Wellbeing Advisor

The College is committed to supporting students who are experiencing personal, emotional or mental health problems. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or are concerned about your mental or emotional wellbeing, you can contact Juliet Bristow, our Mental Health & Wellbeing Advisor for an appointment. She is available Monday to Friday during office hours throughout the year. In crisis situations students can be seen during the evenings or weekends.

College Counsellor

Trinity has a College Counsellor who has years of experience working therapeutically with students, and is a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. The College Counsellor is based in College in Full Term during the allocated hours shown below, and can be reached on the above e-mail.

Monday: 11.00–14.00
Friday: 14.00–17.00

The university also offers a counselling service that is free and available to all undergraduate students. For further details, visit the University Counselling Service website.

College Chaplains: Andrew Bowyer and Kirsty Ross

Andrew Bowyer
Andrew became a Chaplain at Trinity College in April 2015. He is currently undertaking counselling training at the University of London. In addition to welcoming people to Chapel services, he is keen to offer friendly support to all College members regardless of religious affiliation, and also to work with other pastoral care providers in College to help those facing particular difficulties.

The Revd Andrew Bowyer
F2 Whewell’s Court

01223 766327

Office hours: Monday–Thursday, 11.30–12.30, 15.00–16.00

Kirsty Ross
Kirsty was appointed Chaplain at Trinity College from September 2015. Kirsty is happy to talk to any member of Trinity who wants support, guidance, or just someone to chat to. She holds daily ‘drop in times’ in her office (M6 Blue Boar) and can also be found at the many events listed on the Chapel term card.

The Revd Kirsty Ross
M6 Blue Boar Court

01223 338472

Office hours: Tuesday–Friday, 3.00–4.00pm

The Porters

The Porters, easily recognisable by their hats, will often be your first line of contact if you need anything. Whether you are lost in College and can’t find where you need to go or you have any questions. The porters will do their best to help you. In an emergency situation, always contact the Porters. They will know what to do.

Porters’ Lodge: +44 (0)1223 338400

University Welfare

CUSU Welfare

Check out the CUSU Women’s campaign welfare website. This has a VAST range of information on a variety of welfare issues, relevant to both women and men:

CUSU student advice service

This offers free, confidential and independent support to all Cambridge University students regarding any welfare issues and anything relating to student life in Cambridge: Visit or call 01223 746999.

University Counselling Service

The Counselling Service offers free, professional and confidential counselling to all students and staff. A number of groups also exist for students, and more information on a range of issues can be found on the website:


Linkline is the 24-hour Cambridge phone line, for any issue. Just call 01223 0744444 or Check out for more info.
Linkline is only open during term time, however, out of term, the Samaritans (Cambridge Branch) are the people to contact: 01223 364455 or 08457 909090.

NHS 111

Now a 24-hour service. Option 2 for Mental Health Crisis.