The Women's Officer

The Women’s Officer is here to provide support, promote equality and challenge gender-based discrimination. The role involves liaising with CUSU Women’s Campaign, Trinity’s Feminist Society and senior members of College to ensure that Trinity is a hospitable environment for everyone. In cases of gender-based discrimination, assault or harassment, the Women’s Officer acts as a first port-of-call, offering a confidential ear and helping students to explore the options open to them. The Women’s Officer is also in charge of distributing sanitary products and collaborates with the Welfare Officers to provide pregnancy tests and contraception. Currently, the Women’s Officer holds weekly drop-in sessions in the Welfare Room and can be contacted via email for a confidential meeting at a time and place convenient for the student.

Complaints Procedure

The Women's Officer offers any student who has experienced gender-based discrimination, harassment or assault the opportunity to voice their grievances in a confidential environment and seek redress if they so choose. This can take the form of an informal chat to off-load and gain pastoral support, or the organisation of a formal meeting with appropriate senior staff at Trinity. If a student chooses to pursue a complaint, the Women’s Officer can help them navigate university and College procedures, and choose which is more suited to their desired outcome. The Women’s Officer will never push any student into a course of action they do not feel comfortable with, but will offer support and help where it is wanted.

If a student wishes to anonymously report an incident of gender-based discrimination or assault, they are encouraged to use the form on this page. The information received will be viewed only by the Women’s Officer, but will help to build a picture of where problems lie and where College policy can be improved.

Workshops, etc.

The Women's Officer organises sexual consent workshops in Freshers’ Week and contributes to Trinity’s Sexual Assault Policy.

Meet the current Women's Officer

For more info on the current Women's Officer's profile and plans for the year check out this page, introducing you to this year's committee.

Important Information and Links

Trinity's Sexual Harassment Policy - this page outlines the university procedure for dealing with complaints of sexual misconduct - this website is a useful route to finding support if you have been assaulted or discriminated against - the Cambridge University Students' Union's (CUSU's) Women's Campaign - the university’s specialist support worker who provides emotional and practical support to anyone who has been raped, sexually assaulted, or harassed, recently or in the past, in Cambridge or not - the Students’ Unions’ Advice Service offers confidential, independent and impartial advice on issues from bullying and harassment to mental health and disciplinary issues - the Cambridge University Students' Union's (CUSU's) Women's Campaign

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