Field Club President

Clodagh Bottomley

Hi guys! I’m the FC president this year and can’t wait to help grow the sports clubs at Trinity. Feel free to reach out whenever with comments/questions/suggestions.

How to get involved with the Field Club?

  1. Come to Chaplains squash and sign up to mailing lists and whatsapp groups for all the different sports teams. Remember, you can always unsubscribe from mailing lists and signing up isn’t a commitment to anything, so go crazy
  2. Check out the Field Club website and instagram for updates
  3. Come along to the Fresher’s sports day at Old Fields on Saturday 8th October, 1-4pm, and try out some of the many sports we have on offer
  4. If you miss the chance to sign up to a sport at Chaplain’s squash, or want to chat about starting a new sport, get in touch with the captain of the team (details below), or with me!

I really hope you guys make the most of all these opportunities, whether sport is your entire personality or if you are just looking for a way to meet people, take a break from studying, and stay fit. Many of my closest friendships and happiest memories at Trinity have been made on a sports pitch, and I can’t wait to get to know Trinity’s newest athletes this year.

Please get in touch at any point throughout the year if you have any questions, requests or suggestions! My email is, or send me a message on facebook.


Charlie Butler

Field Club Secretary






Youjing Yu

Why do you play badminton? 

Most fun sport ever!

Why should someone join your team?

We need you to win against all the other colleges in the league match!



Jihan Zaki

Ever played basketball before? Want to actually play the sport in this town? Not good enough to make the university team? If these ring true, we are effectively your only option to consistently play basketball. We play twice a week on a booked indoor court on top of games against the other colleges during the weekends, so it is the ultimate casual basketball environment. There’s no need to know how to play basketball, as long as you consistently come to practices, we’ll teach you how to play. 

My best memory playing sport at Trinity…

I wouldn’t say I have a best memory playing sports at Trinity, instead the best part of playing is the opportunity to socialize with people from all around the university who you would’ve never talked to otherwise.


Roly Peel and Joe Cuthbert

Why do I play Cricket?

I’m deeply passionate about sitting on the side of a field for 8 hours.

Why should you join our team?

Best reason to play cricket is getting a cap. I mean look at it




Bogdan Rajkov

Why should you try climbing?

Climbing is one of those unique sports that you don’t get to try everywhere, and we’re lucky in Cambridge to have two really good climbing centres. It’s a great blend between a solo and team activity; every climb is done alone, but you’ll often have two or three people all working on a wall trying to find a good route. Also, your friends get to see and critique your every move from three metres below, so there’s always some group involvement.

Why should you join the team?

Joining the climbing team gives you the opportunity to venture far out of College when you wouldn’t otherwise; it’s easy to only get to know the very centre of the city and the spaces immediately adjacent to the University. The climbing team is super relaxed and friendly, and we meet quite some distance from Trinity, so you get some distance from your studies that you might not otherwise find.

Best memory

Falling several metres and (almost) killing my current treasurer, Bogdan.

Football (Men’s)

Charlie Butler (C)

Tom Fisher (VC)

Why do you play football?

Better than playing rugby.

Why should someone join your team?

Because otherwise you’ll get roped into playing rugby.



Football (Women’s)

Alice Weatherley

Why you should join women’s football?

People should get involved with our team because it’s a fun, friendly and inclusive opportunity to experience some of the best things Cambridge sport has to offer. TCWAFC is open to all abilities and while college football is a relaxed, low-commitment hobby, we have a strong sense of team spirit which makes for a fantastic atmosphere on match days in particular. I’d encourage anyone enthusiastic about a bit of competition to sign up!

Best memory playing sport at Trinity?

My favourite memory of football at Trinity has to be our Cuppers quarter final against Girton/Medwards in Lend 22. Even with a very limited number of players, we bagged a 5-0 win and everyone played outstandingly. We were all in high spirits and I was massively proud.


Hockey (Mixed)

Tristan Spreng

Why should someone join your team?

College sports are a phenomenal way to balance work and have a fun time on the weekends. The hockey team offers the ideal environment to take the stick back up and get out on the pitch again. Whether you have played at school or a club before, we would be very happy if you join us! There are training sessions during the week and matches against other colleges on the weekend.

Best memory playing sport at Trinity.

The best moments in college hockey are always when everybody is having fun on the pitch. However, nothing beats the feeling of winning against another big hockey college last minute. I remember the Cuppers semi-final of last year in particular, which we won against Jesus in a special kind of shoot-out. We had agreed with them to do a hockey version of the crossbar challenge instead of shuffles to decide the match and after a tense 10 minutes or so (just before giving up) we secured the win by hammering a ball against the crossbar!

Mixed Lacrosse

George Hargreaves and Katie Watson

Why do I play lacrosse?

I play lax at trinity because there’s a great bunch of people who play and it’s an entertaining way to spend an hour on the weekends

Why should you play lacrosse?

You should play lax because everyone, with a few notable exceptions, is shocking at it so there is little to no learning curve


Netball (Women’s)

Caitlin Manchester

Why do you play netball?

Um very good question… I grew up super unsporty and was always finding ways to get out of doing sports! Its only over covid that I’ve really began enjoying sports, and the vibes of our college netball are just the best. Music, games and socials? Sign me up 🙂

Best memory playing sport at trinity

It’s a fight between two… once in mixed netball when only four of us made it to the match, only to find out that the team forfeited last minute!! we ended up hitting a golden hour photo instead… or in womens netball when I had to sprint from the train station all the way to our courts so that we had enough players!

Mixed Netball

Henry Wayt and Eloise Ramsden

Why do you play Mixed Netball?

To have fun on the weekends and to meet people from different year groups and other colleges. 

Best memory playing sport at Trinity.

Cuppers – which we plan to win this year!



Henry King (C)

Max Grant (VC)

Why should you play Rugby?

Because it’s the best sport

Best memory playing sport at Trinity
Huge win against Robinson College in our Division 1 promotion game in front of a home crowd at the Old Field Fortress


Isaac Flanagan

Why do I play Squash?

Having not played squash since 2016 I decided to give it another shot when I arrived at Trinity. Though I got squashed in my first few college matches I enjoyed picking up some of the tricks and tactics and I’m looking forward to improving more next year.

Why should you play squash?

Squash is a really fun sport and isn’t hard to learn from scratch so we welcome complete beginners. At Trinity the squash club is very relaxed and players can dip in and out throughout the year as they please.


Swimming & WaterPolo

Pratyush Mishra

Why do I swim?

The reason I like swimming is because it improves all aspects of your health and fitness. I really enjoy competing in races and seeing how fast I can swim under pressure. Also, it’s just really fun to be in the water and mess around, a good change from just usual dry-land exercise!

Why should you join swimming?

Joining Trinity Swimming is great for you whether you’re a casual swimmer or advanced athlete. It provides a good mess around for you and your friends for the casuals and it’s a fantastic full body weekly workout for the athletes. All sessions are FREE to attend. P.S. We also get to go on the water slides after sessions… So don’t miss out and join Trinity Swimming and Water Polo!



Isaac Flanagan

Why do I play tennis?

For me, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing on a nice day than hitting a tennis ball with friends. Though often in Cambridge we’re not blessed with the best weather, I still find playing is a great way to destress from work and enjoy some healthy competition.

Why should you join tennis?

If you’re looking to improve your tennis in a friendly and relaxed environment then college tennis is for you. Our weekly coached sessions are a fun way to meet other members of the college and play against a range of abilities. If you fancy something more competitive we also have regular matches against other colleges throughout the year.


Ultimate Frisbee

Dan Church

Why do I play Ultimate Frisbee?

I play ultimate frisbee because it is a fun and fast-paced sport that I look forward to playing each week as an enjoyable break from all my work. Playing with a disc always feels so exhilarating, from throwing short passes back and forth to catching a long huck after running across the pitch. Also, the team spirit is amazing, creating great friends with the whole team (and all the teams around Cambridge) and meeting for many socials throughout the terms. It’s a great way to get into sport as many people haven’t played before coming to Cambridge (including me, I didn’t start until the end of first year!) and anyone can join in the matches and trainings.

Best memory playing sport at Trinity

My favourite memory of playing ultimate frisbee comes from my first tournament: the indoor cuppers tournament at the end of Michaelmas term last year. We were drawing in the quarter finals and I had the disc as the time ran out, so I lobbed it towards the endzone hoping for the best. The disc flew gracefully straight to one of my teammates, winning that match! The two trinity teams went on to win both divisions in the tournament. Even after playing other tournaments since then, this one was my favourite as it showed me just how exciting ultimate can be.


Ashid Amarsanaa

Why should someone join your team?

Volleyball is a fun sport where you can have nice team communication and chill experience on Sunday afternoon.

Best memory playing sport at Trinity?

College Cuppers were the best experience as you play against different colleges with the friends you made at Trin. Win or lose, we don’t care. All we want to experience is just joy of playing.