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BME, Black and Minority Ethnic, is a term used in the UK to describe people of non-white descent.

Currently the non-white population at Cambridge makes up 19.7% of the total undergraduate student body (according to the 2014 admission statistics). More specifically, the Asian population (including students identifying as Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese and Asian Other) represent 10.6% of the 2014 intake while black students (Black African, Black Caribbean and Black Other) make up only 1.4%.

So while Cambridge is a great place to meet people from different walks of life, the lack of diversity means that the experience can be quite intimidating and unfamiliar for ethnic minority students. This is where the BME Officer comes in. The main role of the BME Officer is to provide pastoral support and represent the needs of BME members of Trinity within college. However, the role extends beyond Trinity to both the wider BME community within Cambridge and prospective BME students. Working with the CUSU BME Campaign and BME officers from other colleges, the BME Officer will enable BME students within Trinity to access these broader networks across the university. For prospective candidates, the BME Officer will work with the Access Officer to provide events aimed specifically for BME students.

Being a ethnic minority at Cambridge definitely poses unique challenges. But this by no means acts as a limit to achievement and success. Past, current and future BME students have done well at Cambridge and have gone on to do impressive things beyond their time here. Getting involved in cultural activities can be a great way to overcome difficulties by sharing experiences, traditions, making friends and introducing your friends to your culture. For information on these events, contact your BME Officer and/or see the links below for societies, past and present campaigns as well as networking and career opportunities.

More info about the current BME Officer

For more info on the current BME Officer's profile and plans for the year check out this page, introducing you to this year's committee.

Useful and Important Information and Links

CUSU BME Students’ Campaign

The CUSU BME Students' Campaign exists to voice the concerns, address the issues, cater to the needs of, and improve the educational and social environment for Ethnic Minority Students in Cambridge at both undergraduate and graduate level.

Cultural Societies

Head to the CUSU website to find out more about the many cultural societies Cambridge has to offer:

I, Too, Am Cambridge

The “I, Too, Am Cambridge” campaign (2014) aimed to highlight incidences of discrimination and stereotyping that occur within Cambridge University.


A safe space for self-defining BME women. Join the Facebook group for discussion, information on upcoming events and to share experiences. ‘Fly’ also has a blog:


SOAR is the male counterpart to Fly. SOAR is a forum aimed at stimulating intellectual discussion between males of the BME community within the Cambridge University network.

BME Career Services

Rare and SEO often visit Cambridge to inform BME students about career opportunities and offer networking events.


Rare is a specialist diversity recruitment company helping students apply to graduate recruitment and their personal development.

SEO (Sponsors for Educational Opportunity) London

SEO London is a charity that provides access, training and mentoring for outstanding young people from under-represented and under-served communities.

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