What is Trinity like?

Trinity is a big, beautiful and friendly college. Situated slap bang in the middle of Cambridge, lectures are never far away and all Cambridge’s bars, pubs and clubs are right on your doorstep. Some people will even live above Sainsbury’s, perfectly located for midnight nibbles. Trinity itself is made up of some really stunning fourteenth century buildings, but most importantly the accommodation is really comfortable. Students live in college throughout their degree, which is great for socialising, and the accommodation is very good and consistently amongst the cheapest of all Cambridge colleges. Freshers are allocated rooms in designated fresher areas so that you can settle in and make friends straight away. Many freshers live in the new(ish) Wolfson building, which has virtually all en-suite rooms.

University is where you meet for friends for life, and Trinity is full of great people to meet. The college atmosphere is perfect for socialising, and with all of your friends nearby college has a real family community. Trinity has a load of societies on offer, from high performing sport teams to our own student newspaper ‘Travisty’ to a tea society for lazy moments of relaxation! Our dining hall is stunning and host to three formal dinners a week – the perfect way to get dressed up with friends, have a three course meal on the cheap and enjoy a bottle of wine or two before a night out... Our Trinity College Student Union also hosts college events throughout the term, always fancy dress and always providing some dodgy music for the whole college to party to. The great thing about these parties is that they bring the whole college together, are free and often funded by a generous college budget! On more relaxed evenings, the college bar offers cheap drinks and a place for friends to come together and catch up with others in college.

In amongst your busy social life, you’ll also be able to find time to fit in some work. Trinity has always had a fantastic academic record within the university, and so is a great place to get the most from your Cambridge degree. In a big college you will have lots of other people studying the same subject, giving you a natural support network. You will also be given an academic contact within your first few days of arriving, someone in the year above also studying your subject for you to ask all those questions you are bound to have! Trinity has Cambridge's most well-stocked library for all students to use and work in. Our law library is an excellent facility catering for all lawyers. The college also offers a book allowance which helps to cover the cost of any essential texts, a real help when you are living on a student budget.

Trinity is renowned for being the wealthiest Oxbridge college and as a result it has some great facilities and a wide range of financial support to offer to students. Our college gym has incredibly cheap membership and is just one of many sporting facilities: badminton and squash courts, football and rugby pitches, netball and tennis courts not to mention our high achieving rowing club cater for all sporting types. For those interested in music, Trinity also has a lot to offer. In 2011 our choir was named one of the top five choirs in the world, and you can listen to them regularly in our beautiful chapel. Music rooms are available for students to practice in for free. Financial support is also available to students, and lots of grants are on offer for travel and life enriching experiences.

All of this makes for a fantastic three years (and sometimes more!) studying at Trinity College. Our big college has a diverse mix of students and caters for all different interests, making it an exciting environment in which to live and work. Come and find out for yourself!

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