Female Welfare Executive Officer – Olivia Aaronson


Heya everyone! I’m Olivia and I’m in my second year studying Maths.

Feel free to email me to confidentially receive any sexual health

supplies — condoms, lube, dental dams and pregnancy tests are just some of the goodies you can get from me. As welfare I’m here to talk to about anything you want. I can be a shoulder to cry on, someone to listen if you’re stressed about things, or just for a quick chat! I’m here for the more personal side of life here at Trinity so feel free to email me, Facebook me or come up and say hi!


CLICK HERE for the Sexual Health and Sexual Assault page.



Male Welfare Executive Officer – Toby Henley Smith


Hi Trinity, I’m Toby, a second year NatSci. As Male Welfare Officer I’ll be working with Olivia to make sure that you are as happy as possible during your time at Trinity.

I love talking to people, whoever you are and whatever you want to talk about. I’m contactable 24/7 by email and normally reply within an hour. I’m happy to arrange to meet you wherever if you’d like a chat. Another part of my role is providing this college with sexual health supplies. I provide a confidential and/or anonymous service for getting these goods into your hands as soon as possible.

Say hi if you see me around!


CLICK HERE for the Sexual Health and Sexual Assault page.

Mental Health and Disabled Students’ Welfare Officer – James Riseley

mental-health@tcsu.net / disabilities@tcsu.net

I’m James, a third year Politics and International Studies student (originally from Australia!) and I’m the college’s Mental Health & Disabilities Officer. That means I’m here to provide support, advice and information for all members of college who are experiencing mental health difficulties, have a disability of some kind or more generally just need a welfare chat.

Cambridge is a tough place at the best of times. I think it’s crucial that we do everything we can to make that “bumpy ride” as smooth as possible for every member of college. That means engaging in a dialogue with students to see where improvements are needed, and with College to see if we can make those improvements happen – more support for students with disabilities, for students going through the intermission process and for college mental health more generally. I also want to create a safe, confidential and hopefully tidy space (Blue Boar E5!) in which you can talk through anything that’s on your mind.

So when I say that I am available 24/7, I really do mean it. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email, approach me in person or message me on facebook.

CLICK HERE for the Mental Health page
CLICK HERE for the Health and Academic Issues page
CLICK HERE for the Disabled Students’ Welfare page







LGBT+ Officer – Mimi Trevelyan-Davis


I’m Mimi, a third year history student and current LGBT+ Officer. My role means I am responsible for all self-identifying LGBT+ people in College, making sure they have a happy and safe time here, through events and campaigns, as well as offering welfare support for anyone who needs it.

This year I will be taking part in the ongoing CUSU campaign for increased access to gender neutral toilets throughout College. I will also be playing a role in the creation of the consent workshops in Freshers’ Week to ensure they are not heteronormative or transphobic. I represent Trinity at CUSU LGBT+ Reps meetings, and can relay any information to and from the LGBT+ campaign.

I am a point of contact for contraception (condoms, dental dams and lubricant), but this can also be accessed from the Male and Female Welfare Officers. This year I hope to put on a selection of events, in association with the College’s LGBT+ Society, 1TQ, as well as the CUSU LGBT+ campaign.

I’m always available to chat: you do not have to be self-identified as LGBT+! I have welfare drop in sessions in my room once a week, as well as being contactable via email or through the LGBT+ Officer pidge. Anything spoken to me will be in confidence and we can work together to take appropriate action.

CLICK HERE for the LGBT+ Welfare page

Women’s Officer – Raniyah Qureshi


I’m Raniyah, a third year English student and this college’s women’s officer, here to provide support and welfare for all non-binary and self-identifying female students of this college.

Creating an environment in which all students regardless of gender identification, feel comfortable and able to thrive in is of the utmost importance to me. I plan to  work alongside the Trinity Feminism Society to encourage and promote fortnightly discussions regarding central gender-and-equality-based issues that students face in college and around university. We are also in the process of reviewing and assessing the University’s sexual assault policies, and are attempting to establish and promote female mentorship, by working alongside the Trinity Women’s Network.

I am always here for you, so if you ever feel like reaching out – please do not hesitate to contact me via email, or approach me in person.

CLICK HERE for the Gender Equality page

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer – Richelle George


I’m Richelle, a second year HSPS student and your Black and Minority Ethnic Officer. My job is to provide welfare for all BME students at Trinity and to help make Cambridge a more welcoming place for people of ethnic minorities.

My plans for this year include a continuation of the annual BME Access Conference and to start an e-mentoring scheme intended to connect BME students currently at Trinity with prospective applicants from similar backgrounds. I would also like to host a BME Fresher’s social, create a platform to advertise university-wide events relevant to BME students and hold discussions and panel events intended to encourage conversations about racial issues and awareness in Cambridge.

If you’d like to get involved, want confidential help or advice or just want to chat please email me.


CLICK HERE for the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Welfare page

Overseas Welfare Officer – Agustin Braun



my name is Agustin and I am a second year HSPSer from Argentina, but I currently live in Madrid.

My main responsibility as overseas welfare officer is to make sure that all international students get used to England as quick and smooth as possible. If you’re an international student I will get in touch with you before your arrival to provide you with some information that you might find useful concerning everyday life in the UK.

Moreover, I will be in charge of organising the International Freshers week that takes place a couple of days before the actual Freshers Week so you can get to know other people that are in a situation similar to yours as well as sort out some things as bank accounts or phone numbers that English students have already figured out.

My other role is to make sure that all international freshers have a good deal in storage and accommodations and I will be running some international events such as International Food Nights, an Eurovision Night or trips to different parts of England for international students.

If you have any doubts please send my an email to and I’ll more than happy to help you.

CLICK HERE for the International Students’ Welfare page