Some info on Elections

Elections will happen on on Friday 3rd, from 10am till 10pm on the CUSU voting website.* Results will be announced in the bar immediately after polls close. Below are the candidates’ manifestos (where roles are contested they show up in alphabetical order).

(will go online on Friday 3rd, 10am)

*We’d like to remind students that as of Schedule 1.12 of the TCSU Constitution in electing the Welfare Officers, only those self-identifying as women, BME, LGBT+, etc. may vote for Women’s Officer, BME, LGBT+ Officer, etc. respectively. The exception to this is the Mental Health and Disabled Students’ Welfare Officer; as most Trinity students do experience some sort of mental health problem at some point during their time here, everybody will be entitled to vote.

The Candidates

The President

The Vice President

The Treasurer

The Entertainments Officer

The  Computing and Publicity Officer

The Access Officer

The Junior Steward

The Environmental and Domestic Officer

The Female Welfare Officer

The Male Welfare Officer

The Overseas’ Welfare Officer

The Women’s Officer

The  LGBT+ Officer

The  BME Officer

The  Mental Health and Disabled Students’ Welfare Officer