Hello and welcome to Trinity!


You’ll soon find out that this is an amazing place to live and study. On this page, we’ll be providing you with as much information as possible to help you settle in and get through Freshers’ Week. As the plans for Freshers’ Week are still being finalised we don’t have any resources on here for you yet. We will let you know as and when they are ready (which shouldn’t be more than a couple of weeks!).

Freshers’ Week Calendars

One of the most exciting weeks of your time at Cambridge is here! To help you get your way around nearly 60 planned events, we’ve produced a calendar specifically for Freshers’ Week that you can get on your phone. We strongly advise you to subscribe to the calendars, as any scheduling changes will be added to them, meaning you’ll always be up to date with events.

Google Calendar: Freshers’ Week Calendar

iCal Calendars: Freshers’ Week Calendar

If you’d like help subscribing to any of the above calendars, please contact computing@tcsu.net.

Freshers’ Handbooks

We know there are lots of new things for you to get through before you get here and in your first few days, so each year we produce a Freshers’ Handbook to help you settle in and get all the tedious stuff done. The latest version for Freshers joining in 2020 is found below:

International Freshers’ Handbook

In addition to the main Freshers’ Handbook, the international wing of TCSU (iTCSU) also publishes a guide for international students. By addressing the unique challenges that come with joining Trinity College as an overseas student, iTCSU hopes its International Freshers’ Handbook will ease the settling-in process. This year’s version can be found below:

Santiago, our overseas officer, has also produced a video which will hopefully answer some of your questions.

Societies’ Prospectus

To get a flavour for the societies and clubs available to you as a Trinity student, check out the Societies’ Prospectus:

Freshers’ Videos

An older TCSU Committee prepared some videos to help out with some of the more common questions people may have, although procedures will be slightly different due to Covid-19.

Questions? Email publicity@tcsu.net for more information.

Enjoy your time as a Fresher! Trin Love.